Welcome to Glory of God illuminated Church

Welcome to Glory of God illuminated Church

The Truth

Glory of God Illuminated Church

What jesus did to Us

The most significant and important event in the history of mankind is the day when Christ arrived on earth to present himself as a living sacrifice for everyone. We are made right with God through his sacrificial offering because we are unworthy in flesh to seek him who lives in holiness. Jesus not only bore our iniquities but also our infirmities on the cross. His atonement for our sins brings us salvation and his priceless blood cleanses, sanctifies and justifies us. It is unknown of any other man who willingly sacrificed their lives for others’ sins. Jesus endured the cross for our sins because the extent of his love for us is beyond comprehension.

He justified us by his grace and made us heirs according to the hope of eternal life. He is our defence attorney and his blood is the weapon that wipes out the allegations and accusations brought forward by the evil one. He clothes us with his righteousness, for our righteousness is akin to filthy rags. Through him we gain the confidence to boldly present our petitions before the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16)

Jesus is the high priest and the king of kings. He has made us partners in his kingdom. This is his greatest gift to us and he has exalted us to the greatest heights in the heavenly realms..